Lit Protocol Community Update: June '23

Read the latest updates from around the Lit ecosystem!

Lit Protocol Community Update: June '23
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A Monthly Newsletter on all things Lit.

Lit Protocol is a decentralized key management network powered by threshold cryptography. A blockchain-agnostic identity layer, Lit can be used to power encryption, signing, and compute for web3 applications.


Welcome to the Lit community update! This is the sixth edition of our monthly newsletter and our fourth update of the new year.

To learn more about the protocol and start building with our tools today, check out our developer docs. You can also find us on Twitter or join our developer community on Discord.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

General Updates.

Developer Docs Reorg

We have continued to refine our developer docs in order to facilitate a smooth and intuitive developer experience. Check out some of the updated sections, linked below:

  1. Programmable Key Pairs

2. Lit Actions

  • Intro to Lit Actions: Additional quick start links and example code to get you started!
  • Mint, Grant, Burn: Mint/Grant/Burn is an optional pattern that allows you to prove that a PKP was not used to sign anything before it was approved to use a particular set of Lit Action.

3. Concepts

4. Awesome Resources: Check out this updated list of development guides and resources, example use cases, and projects currently implementing Lit.

Lit Learning Lab

We are excited to announce the launch of our brand-new educational platform, the Learning Lab!

This learning space is designed to cater to learners from all walks of life. Whether you are a tech enthusiast aiming to understand the foundational concepts of Lit or a seasoned developer seeking to add programmatic signing or encryption to your codebase, we've got you covered.

The Learning Lab will offer a variety of lessons and code challenges. The content will be organized into distinct modules to guide your learning journey. Your first stepping stone will be 'Intro to Lit,' a module designed to equip you with the fundamentals of Lit Protocol. In the following weeks, we'll ignite your coding skills with our first Codebreaker module!

Email and SMS Auth

We are happy to announce that we have added email and SMS auth to the list of supported authentication methods for PKPs. This enables users to seamlessly onboard into web3 without worrying about a seed phrase or private key management. Email and SMS also lend themselves well as it relates to setting up secondary authentication mechanisms, such as when configuring multi-factor authentication (MFA) and social recovery.

GitHub Discussions Forum

We are excited to announce Lit’s GitHub Discussions Forum, a space dedicated to building an engaging, supportive, and enriching community for developers, contributors, and enthusiasts alike! Please take a chance to read the announcement post to learn about how you can use the forum to get SDK-related support, ask high level questions, make feature requests, or submit feedback!

Updates to the Discord Support Process

We have added two new support forums to our Discord server to address questions and dev support queries going forward. High-level questions related to Lit (for example, "what is the state of the Lit network?") should be dropped in general support, whereas specific integration questions and developer support (for example, a specific issue you are facing with the Lit SDK) should be dropped in the dev support forum.

The point of this update is to ensure we are able to provide everyone with the most effective support and keep all queries and questions organized in a central location! All other support channels have now been archived. Going forward, please direct all questions to the appropriate forum. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to a team member on Discord!


Check out this feature that makes it even easier for developers to securely store and share their data on IPFS using the Lit SDK. With the [encryptToIPFS](<>) method, you can now easily encrypt and upload your data to IPFS, all in just a few lines of code.

Programmable Key Pairs on Cosmos

Lit can now be used to send and sign transactions on Cosmos-based chains! With the new upgrade, PKPs can be used as a valid Cosmos signer. Check out this demo app to experiment with minting PKPs and using them to send transactions on Cosmos-based chains (starting with the Cosmos Hub). If you are building on Cosmos and would like to explore building with PKPs, please get in touch.

Around the Ecosystem.

Updates from the community!

Off-Chain Compute at Consensus ‘23

Check out this panel from the Distributed Compute Summit in Austin last month featuring Space and Time, ChainML, Lit, and Helix!

Lit Privacy SDK

We are excited to announce the Lit Privacy SDK, an open-source package developed by Curve Labs, with a grant from Lit Protocol. The Lit Privacy SDK leverages Lit Actions and Programmable Key Pairs to make on-chain transactions private, based on anon proof of identity and proof of membership. Possible use cases include implementing privacy-preserving voting mechanisms and “members-only” content into your own applications.

Ecosystem RFPs

Interested in building with Lit but not sure where to get started? We have continued to add additional requests to our Request for Ecosystem Proposals page. Here you will find some ideas for projects and tooling that we are looking to sponsor through our grants program.

Build with Lit

If you’re interested in integrating Lit into your existing project, or want to build something completely new using Lit infrastructure, check out our grants program. We are looking to fund developers who have a passion for building innovative solutions to the current shortfalls of web3.

Community Calendar

To ensure you never miss a beat, subscribe to our community calendar. Here you can find the schedule for our Office Hours, additional community events, conferences, announcements, and more.

Content Recap

Featured posts from the month of May.

Hackathons and Events

Dataverse’s Rebuild Ownership Hackathon: There will be $2k USDC up for grabs at Dataverse’s upcoming virtual hackathon for the best use of PKPs, Lit Actions, and the Lit stack generally. You won’t want to miss it, deadline to apply is June 7th.

— The WeaveDB Fellows virtual hackathon will span six weeks, kicking off on June 9th! The program will provide a platform for talented developers to collaborate and build innovative decentralized applications together. To be eligible, participants must possess a proficient understanding of blockchain technology and have prior experience in shipping at least two dApps.

Filecoin’s HackFS started on June 2nd and goes through the 21st. There will be $5k in prizes up for grabs from Lit, including the best use of PKPs and Lit Actions, and the best use of Lit and DataDAOs!

— Come hang out with the team at EthGlobal Waterloo! The hackathon runs from June 23-25 and the deadline to apply is the 1st of June! This year’s keynote speaker will be none other than the visionary Ethereum co-founder, @VitalikButerin. Join fellow developers, showcase your skills, and immerse yourself in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Coming soon 👀

Here are some of the things to look forward to in the months ahead:

  1. The release of our open-source interface for managing the assets in your PKP cloud wallet is coming very soon! This will provide a home for viewing and sending your tokens and NFTs, “installing” dApps, and assigning arbitrary logic via Lit Actions.
  2. Decentralizing the Lit Network! Right now, test networks are running with a few node operators and the distribution process is ongoing.

Wrapping up…

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Once again, you can find us on Discord with any questions, concerns, or feedback.

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