Spark is a public space for collaboration and open discourse surrounding the development of the decentralized web, AKA 'Web3'. Spark was created by Lit Protocol, a distributed cryptography network that facilitates encryption and compute for web3 apps.

At Lit, we think of ourselves as a team of activist builders helping to create a more mature internet. The internet we want is designed to support user-owned platforms that properly compensates creators and service providers while ensuring that individuals have privacy when they want it. We believe that privacy and ownership are two fundamental human rights and are focused on building cryptographic solutions that uphold the promises of a "user-owned web" and empower individuals with true data sovereignty and agency over their digital interactions.

About Lit

Lit Protocol is a decentralized key management network powered by threshold cryptography. A blockchain-agnostic middleware layer, Lit can be used to read and write data between blockchains and off-chain platforms, facilitating encryption, access control, and automation for the open web via programmatic signing.

As a protocol, Lit can be harnessed to build applications that leverage public key cryptography at their core, powering use cases within DeFi, Web3 Social, Blockchain Gaming, Decentralized Infrastructure, and beyond.

To learn more about Lit, check out our developer docs and join our growing community on Discord. To stay up to date on the latest events and initiatives around the community, subscribe to our calendar.