the fundamental building blocks of Web3.

The Bitcoin Whitepaper

New Directions in Cryptography

A Primer on Blockchains

The Meaning of Decentralization

An Overview of Ethereum Smart Contracts

An Introduction to Cryptography on Ethereum

An Introduction to ECDSA and Bitcoin

An Overview of Public Key Cryptography

Before Bitcoin – The Public Key Saga

An Introduction to Encryption

Digital Signatures

build with Lit.

create automated agents for digital assets and experiences.

Lit Developer Docs

Lit JavaScript SDK

Getting Started with the SDK

Grants for Open-Source Development

Ecosystem RFPs

guides and demos

example code to get you started.

Integration Guides:

Lit x Alchemy Guide: Learn how to use Lit PKPs as a signer on Alchemy's Account Kit.

Lit x Pimlico Guide: Use Lit to enable seamless onboarding for Pimlico smart accounts.

Lit x Openfort Guide: Learn how to use Lit PKPs as a signer on Openfort smart accounts.

Lit x Irys Guide – Use Lit to encrypt data before storing it on-chain with Irys.

Lit x Ceramic Guide – Learn how to store encrypted data on ComposeDB.

Lit x Arweave Guide – Learn how to store encrypted data on Arweave.

Core Primitives:

Programmable Key Pairs (PKPs):

Demo: Minting PKPs with Social Auth

Creating a Lit PKP

Connecting PKPs to dApps using WalletConnect

Generating Signed Transactions

Lit Actions:

Working with Lit Actions

Conditional Signing with Lit Actions

Returning a Signed API Response with Lit Actions

Using Lit Actions for Access Control

Decentralized Access Control:

Using Lit for Encryption

Creating Access Control Conditions

Boolean Conditions

ACL Smart Contract – Create a flexible and powerful authorization system.

workshops and media.

learn what is possible with Lit.

What is Lit Protocol

Revolutionizing Security with Decentralized Keys

Deep Dive into Decentralized Key Management

Account Based Solutions to Web3 UX

Decentralized Digital Signing and Encryption

Introduction to Lit Protocol

Add Encryption and Private Data with Lit Protocol

Signing Cosmos Transactions with Lit PKPs

Automating Transaction Execution with the Lit Event Listener

Creating User Wallets with Google oAuth

Decentralized Key Management

SDK V3 Resources

Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps with PKPs and Lit Actions

Intro to Programmable Key Pairs

Token Gating and Data Ownership

The Road to Self-Sovereign Data

Decentralized Access Control