Pinata Blog | How to Encrypt and Decrypt Files on IPFS Using Lit Protocol and Pinata
Discover how to seamlessly encrypt and decrypt files on IPFS using the Lit Protocol and Pinata. This tutorial guides you through the process, ensuring secure file sharing in the Web3 domain.

WebAuthn and Passkey, Key Management for Daily Crypto Users
By @Rui, Investor of SevenX Ventures

Incognfto: A Private NFT Gallery
Incognfto is a groundbreaking NFT platform utilizing Spheron Network & Lit Protocol for secure, private NFT minting, and reshaping IP protection.

Seedless Self-Custody: On MPC and Smart Contract Wallets
An overview of the cryptowallet landscape. Covers conventional, MPC, smart contract wallets and the outlook for the wallet ecosystem.

Web3’s Wallet Opportunity
By: Amanda Young, Collab+Currency

Build A Token-Gated Content Platform with CyberConnect & Lit Protocol
CyberConnect is a decentralized social network protocol that helps developers build and bootstrap their Web3 social applications.

Decentralized Access Control Comes to Evmos with Lit Protocol
Lit Protocol makes it possible to set on-chain conditions to control who can access content while maintaining decentralization. Lit…

projects building with Lit.

Web3 Social

Orbis Club – A fully decentralized social layer that developers can use to build their own social apps.

Lens Protocol – A user-owned, open social graph.

Partiful – The most memorable parties are planned on Partiful.

HeadlineA decentralized publishing platform.

CharmverseWeb3-native all-in-one workspace.

P00lsA web3 platform for creators and brands.

GatewayVerifiable credential platform.

TempraDecentralized social platform inspired by Snapchat.

The 402Live-streaming and NFT marketplace.

MemeDAO DAO communication platform that uses Lit to support private, members-only content.

IrisA decentralized social media and subscription platform built on Lens.

DecentraScholarA platform that incentivizes collaboration among academic researchers.

MxTapeDecentralized music player.

PealDiscover and share typefaces and designs on-chain.

DFSPDecentralized, private live-streaming platform for creators.

DecensusWeb3-based survey platform.

creativegeneDecentralized social platform for buying and selling digital goods.

Muzu Content-locked music NFTs.


CaskAutomated, recurring payments.

Yacht Labs – Cross-chain interoperability with PKPs and Lit Actions

KrebitOpen identity verification protocol and marketplace for Verifiable Credentials.

Alchemy Infrastructure for building smart accounts.

Spheron – Web3 infra as-a-service.

SelfGuard – Web3-native infrastructure for encryption.

DAPAn SDK for encrypting and decrypting files with Lit Protocol.

IPFS Encrypted FilesEncrypt files on IPFS with Lit.

DECKPrivate data sharing for Web3.

Token-gated Zoom chatExample app made by Lit Protocol.

Token-gated Google DriveExample app made by Lit Protocol.

Wordpress IntegrationEnable private content on Wordpress sites with blockchain-based requirements.

NFT MinterEnable exclusive content that is only available to the owner of the NFT.

Strata ProtocolAn open-source protocol to launch tokens around a person, project, idea, or collective on Solana.

Key-RecoveryDistributed social private key recovery made by the team at Sling Protocol.

HashchatWallet-to-wallet encrypted messaging.

LitChatWallet-to-wallet encrypted messaging using Lit and Ceramic.

XMTP Chat App with token gating enabled by Lit Protocol.

NeyaWeb3-native 2FA protocol.

EtherMonitorTools for traffic incident management.

ourpassNFT event pass generator.

Decentralized Finance

Sling ProtocolAn SDK for automating DEX interactions using PKPs and Lit Actions.

TradeRepOn-chain reputation building for traders.

Violet ProtocolUltra🤝Violet, enables uncollateralized loans.

Infinex Decentralized perps trading.


NowhereToken-gated metaverse spaces.

DataverseThe first secure personal space for everyone, allowing users to aggregate Web2 & Web3 interests and control their online digital persona in one place.

MonaBuy, mint, and sell metaverse worlds.


VaynerSportsTalent representation and brand consulting.


ShopifyBlockchain-based access control for your online store.

Heirloom DAOSubscriptions as NFTs.

Club GoodsAn e-commerce experiment at the intersection of storytelling, community tokens and physical goods.