Lit @ Hackathons June '23

Lit @ Hackathons June '23

Are you ready to showcase your skills, collaborate with talented builders, and take on exciting challenges? In this post, we will highlight three upcoming Lit sponsored hackathons that offer unique opportunities for developers to showcase their talent and receive prizes.

We highly recommend attending these hackathons as they provide a unique opportunity to connect with and learn from established builders. Not only will you have direct access to experienced individuals, but you will also be able to participate in hands-on workshops and receive personalized mentorship to help you further your skills and knowledge. Don't miss out on this chance to grow your skills!

Dataverse’s Rebuild Ownership Hackathon

Virtual: June 8th - June 20th
Application deadline: June 7th

Lit Prizes:

  • $1700 USDC Prize Pool for Top 3 Lit Actions and Programmable Key Pair applications
  • $300 USDC Most innovative use of Lit Protocol

Mark your calendars for the Dataverse’s Rebuild Ownership Hackathon, taking place from June 8th to June 20th. This hackathon presents a unique opportunity to explore decentralized ownership models. The application deadline is June 7th, so make sure to secure your spot by visiting the official website.

WeaveDB Fellows

Virtual: June 9th - July 21st
Accepting applications now!

Lit Prize:

  • $1000 USDC Best Use of Lit Actions and Programmable Key Pairs (PKPs)

WeaveDB Fellows is a prestigious 6-week online hackathon, kicking off on June 9th. This program provides a platform for talented developers to collaborate and build innovative decentralized applications. To be eligible, participants must possess a proficient understanding of blockchain technology and have prior experience in shipping at least two dApps. Visit the application form to apply and explore more details about WeaveDB Fellows on their Medium post.

Judges include:

ETHGlobal Waterloo

In person: June 23-25
Application deadline: June 1st

Lit Prizes:

  • $4000 USDC Prize Pool for Best Use of Lit Actions and Programmable Key Pairs
  • $1000 USDC Wild card - Most Innovative Use of Lit Protocol

Held in the birthplace of Ethereum, ETHGlobal Waterloo is an exciting event organized by ETHGlobal. This year, the keynote speaker will be none other than the visionary Ethereum co-founder, @VitalikButerin. Join fellow developers, showcase your skills, and immerse yourself in the Ethereum ecosystem. The application deadline is June 1st, so make sure to visit the ETHGlobal website to secure your spot!

Filecoin HackFS

Virtual: June 2-21
Application deadline: May 31st

Lit Prizes:

  • $3000 USDC Prize Pool for Best Use of Lit Actions and Programmable Key Pairs
  • $1000 USDC - Best Use of Lit & DataDAOs
  • $1000 USDC Wild card - Most Innovative Use of Lit Protocol

Join #HackFS lead by @protocollabs & @ETHGlobal to build with web3 enthusiasts & receive mentorship from the top minds in the ecosystem. Let’s build the decentralized web together!


Don't miss out on these exceptional opportunities to collaborate, learn, and push the boundaries of what's possible with web3 technology. Whether you're passionate about blockchain technology or eager to explore new frontiers, these hackathons offer the perfect platform to showcase your talent.

As an added bonus, participating in and building at these hackathons makes you eligible for Lit's Ignite Prize - a special challenge and reward that applies to all the hackathons Lit is involved in. It's a grand prize given to the most innovative use of Lit for projects that were started at or worked on during hackathons throughout 2023.

With Ignite, any project built with Lit at a Lit-sponsored hackathon will be eligible to win an additional $20,000. Learn more.

Post updated June 1st, 2023 to include the addition of HackFS.