Open Source, Multi-Chain, Unlockable NFT Minter

Learn how to use the Lit Gateway Minter to create a private, multi-chain NFT collection.

Open Source, Multi-Chain, Unlockable NFT Minter


We are excited to announce that the Lit Unlockable NFT Minter is now open source! You can use the minter to create unlockable NFTs across multiple chains that contain private content that only the owner of the NFT can access. The minter utilizes Lit’s HTML NFT product, which you can read more about here.

In this post, we will walkthrough a quick guide on how you can use the minter to release your own NFT collection! Let’s get into it.

Using the Minter

First, navigate to the Lit Gateway:

Next, you will need to pick a title for your collection, the blockchain you’d like to mint it on, and the quantity you'd like to mint:

You will then need to select a cover image for your collection, as well as optional “locked” content that only the owner of the NFT will have access too. In this example, we have uploaded a series of Lit logos generated by DALL-E. If you choose, you can also add a description to your collection:

After that’s done, hit the “next” button to see a preview of your NFT:

Finally, the last step is minting! Hit the “Mint it” button and connect your wallet:

Then approve and sign the transaction…

And boom! We have successfully minted our Unlockable NFT(s):


As mentioned above, the entire Lit Gateway front-end has been open sourced, so feel free to play around with it and make changes to fit your own use case. The repo can be found here:

We hope that this tool can be harnessed by the community to bring about greater utilities for NFT holders. So go on, mint away!


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