Lit Protocol Community Update: December '22

Lit Protocol Community Update: December '22

Lit Protocol Community Update: December '22
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A Monthly Newsletter on all things Lit.

Lit Protocol powers decentralized access control, encryption, and compute for web3 applications. At Lit, we are working to simplify the user experience across the dWeb. Our goal is to build cryptographic solutions that uphold the promises of a user-owned web and empower individuals with true data sovereignty while delivering the frictionless experience we are used to within our legacy systems.


Welcome to the Lit community update! This is the third edition of a monthly newsletter aimed at keeping the community updated on all of the latest developments within our growing ecosystem!

To learn more about the protocol and start building with our tools today, check out our docs. You can also find us on Twitter or join our developer ecosystem on Discord.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

General Updates.

Developer Docs

We have continued to make updates to our developer documentation over the past couple of weeks, ensuring our various product offerings are clear and easy to implement! You can check out the specific updates below:

  1. Quick Start — Quickly get started with Lit based on your use case. Learn how to encrypt and decrypt static content, provision access to private resources with a JWT, return a signed API response with Lit Actions, and more.
  2. Glossary — Definitions of commonly used terms and core concepts!
  3. Bug Bounty — We want to reward security researchers and developers who find and report vulnerabilities in our code.
  4. Authentication Helpers — Additional auth methods for Lit Actions, such as WebAuthn or Google OAuth.

Developer Resources, Guides, and Tooling

We have compiled a giant list of developer tooling, media and content, example projects, code demos, official links, integrations, guides, and additional resources, which can be viewed on our official GitHub page.

If you’d like to add your own project, open up a pull request.

Around the Ecosystem.

Updates from the community!

Integration with Lens Protocol

Lens now supports the creation of gated content experiences, using Lit as the decentralized access control provider. This allows you to share “friends-only” or exclusive content with only the people you wish. You can get started with the Gated Publications feature here.

Lit x Orbis Web3 Social Hackathon Workshop

Join Lit’s Head of DevRel, Deb, tomorrow (12/6 - 9AM PT, 6PM CET) in the Orbis Discord server to learn more about building with Programmable Key Pairs and Lit Actions.

Sign up today for the hackathon! There is a bounty for most creative use of Lit Actions / PKPs, 1st prize is $7k and 2nd prize is $3k. The hackathon runs from December 1st to Dec 31st.

New Courses on

We released two courses on our 101 profile in November! The first is a holistic overview of Lit and the potential functionality that the Lit Network can be used for. The second is a dive into Lit Actions and an exploration of potential use cases for programmatic signing. Complete the short courses using the links above and claim your free NFT badge!

Algovera x Lit: Token Gate Streamlit Python Applications

Check out the new library by Algovera that allows developers to token gate a Streamlit Python application. Here is a Replit template to try it out!

Ecosystem RFPs

Interested in building with Lit but not sure where to get started? We have continued to add additional asks to our Request for Ecosystem Proposals page. Here you will find some ideas for projects and tooling that we are looking to sponsor through our grants program!

Build with Lit!

If you’re interested in integrating Lit into your existing project, or want to build something completely new atop our infrastructure, check out our grants program. We are looking to fund developers who have a passion for building innovative solutions to the current shortfalls of web3!

Community Calendar

To ensure you never miss a beat, subscribe to our community calendar. Here you can find the schedule for our Office Hours, which take place biweekly on Wednesdays at 4:30pm EST on Twitter. You will also find info for additional community events, conferences, announcements, and more.

Content Dump

Posts from the month of November.

Working with Lit Actions

An introduction to building Lit-enabled infrastructure with Lit Actions and PKPs.

Working with Decentralized Access Control

Learn how to facilitate access control through Lit via encryption and programmatic signing.

Lit Protocol Starter Guide

Explore the different ways you can integrate Lit into your own project.

GG EZ no RE: Building Next-Gen Web3 Games

Learn how Lit infra can be harnessed to build blockchain-based games with private data, wallet abstraction, and condition-based automation.

Wallet Abstraction: Google OAuth x Lit PKP

Learn about how you can mint a PKP and execute an on-chain transaction with nothing but a Google account.

Seedless Self Custody: On MPC and Smart Contract Wallets (by 1kx)

A deep dive into the crypto wallet space, specifically focused on smart contract and MPC-based solutions. Learn about PKPs and how Lit can enable more seamless onboarding experiences for non-crypto native users.

Coming soon 👀

Here are some of the things to look forward to in the months ahead.

  • An integration with WalletConnect and the release of our cloud wallet interface, allowing users to connect to their favorite dApps with PKPs!
  • Migrating the Lit SDK to TypeScript.
  • Decentralizing the Lit nodes and launching Lit Actions and PKPs on mainnet.

Wrapping up…

This wraps up the December update! If you enjoyed it, you can click below to subscribe and receive future updates directly in your inbox.

The team is working hard to reach some major milestones by year end, prioritizing security as we work towards decentralizing the network.

Once again, you can find us on Discord with any questions, concerns, or feedback.

Until next time,

- alt signing out.