Introducing Chronicle: The Lit Protocol Rollup

Chronicle is a custom EVM rollup testnet based on the OP Stack and built specifically for Lit Protocol.

Introducing Chronicle: The Lit Protocol Rollup


Lit Protocol is a distributed key management network that powers condition-based access control, compute, and generalizable programmatic signing. Lit can be harnessed by application developers to build products that leverage public key infrastructure (PKI) at their core, without relying on a centralized key custodian.

We are thrilled to announce Lit's migration from Polygon Mumbai to our very own rollup built on the Optimism stack. This will enable cheaper and faster transactions and provides a place to store persistent shared state between the Lit nodes. This post will detail the specifics of the testnet rollup environment, the Lit testnet token, and ways to get involved in the ecosystem.

Launch of Chronicle

Lit Protocol can best be thought of as a middleware layer with the capability to read and write data between blockchains and off-chain platforms, fostering interoperability in a secure and efficient manner. While Lit is not a blockchain itself, the protocol does contain several on-chain elements, namely smart contracts that help coordinate and manage state among the Lit nodes. These contracts help facilitate the minting of new Programmable Key Pairs (which exist on-chain as ERC-721 tokens) and registering associated permissions and authentication logic.

Previously, these smart contracts were deployed to Polygon Mumbai. However, we are excited to announce that they have been re-deployed to our own sovereign, fully customizable OP stack rollup anchored to Polygon. This migration will enable faster and cheaper transactions and will greatly enhance the scalability of the Lit Network. Any PKPs previously minted on Mumbai will have to be re-minted on Chronicle. It is also important to make sure you are using the most up to date version of the Lit SDK for development. You can read about the V2 migration process here:

This testnet rollup, which we have gone on to name “Chronicle”, will provide developers with a no-stakes environment for building Lit-enabled apps as protocol development is finalized. When the network does transition to mainnet, the Chronicle testnet will continue to persist indefinitely and provide developers with an easy migration pathway.

Testnet Token

Following the launch of Chronicle, Lit will introduce a test token specifically designed for paying gas fees on the rollup. We must emphasize that this token holds absolutely NO monetary value and is intended exclusively for testing purposes and  application development. To acquire the test token, please only use the official Lit faucet. While the faucet is free to use, it has a limit of 0.001 LIT per request to ensure it is being distributed fairly and utilized for its intended purpose. Remember, the test token should only be acquired through the verified Lit faucet and used by developers building within the testnet environment.

Connecting to Chronicle

To connect to Chronicle, you can add these specific network parameters to Metamask:

Block Explorer

We're also happy to introduce a block explorer for the rollup, which you can access at You can use the explorer to track transactions, addresses, and other essential data.


We're thrilled to introduce these updates and improvements to Lit Protocol. By migrating to our own rollup, we aim to provide a more streamlined and efficient testing environment for developers and users alike. We invite you to test the platform, provide feedback, and help contribute to ongoing development and refinement!

Remember, if you need some Lit test tokens you can request them via the faucet. You can read more about the rollup in the Lit docs. Happy testing, and stay tuned for more updates very soon!


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