Become a Lit Ambassador!

Become a Lit Ambassador!

Welcome to the Lit Ambassador program, where we strive to support individuals who are passionate about Lit and web3. Our goal is to build a decentralized ecosystem of contributors, with clear pathways for individuals to get involved and be rewarded for their contributions. By streamlining feedback from the community, our ambassadors will play a crucial role in listening and understanding the needs of the Lit ecosystem.

The ideal ambassador understands what’s possible with Lit’s technology and is excited about a future where Lit is a crucial part in decentralized infrastructure. They ideally are able to dedicate 5-10 hours a month to Lit initiatives detailed below.


Ambassadors of all skillsets are encouraged to pursue what motivates them. You don’t have to be technical to get involved, though we prefer ambassadors who want to build their technical skills! Roles are also guidelines and we encourage ambassadors to explore what fulfills them based on interest and abilities.

Event Evangelists

Proactively co-host and participate in Lit events (preference for in person), and attend regional industry events.

Web3 Facilitator

Facilitate the adoption of Lit, speak or present at conferences, and introduce people to Lit and web3. Educate others on how to use or build Lit Actions & PKPs and coach community members on how they can best contribute to Lit.


Create original content related to Lit or web3, such as articles, video, infographics, memes or GIFs, how-to guides, animations, and other creative materials. Opportunity to be published on Spark, Lit’s publication.

Ambassadors will have access to Lit events, swag, and mentorship. There may also be additional rewards as the network grows!


Fill out this application and the team will get back to you with next steps.

Let’s grow the Lit ecosystem together!