Incognfto: A Private NFT Gallery
Incognfto is a groundbreaking NFT platform utilizing Spheron Network & Lit Protocol for secure, private NFT minting, and reshaping IP protection.

Seedless Self-Custody: On MPC and Smart Contract Wallets
An overview of the cryptowallet landscape. Covers conventional, MPC, smart contract wallets and the outlook for the wallet ecosystem.

Cross-Chain Bridging with Yacht Lit Swap

Web3’s Wallet Opportunity
By: Amanda Young, Collab+Currency

Build A Token-Gated Content Platform with CyberConnect & Lit Protocol
CyberConnect is a decentralized social network protocol that helps developers build and bootstrap their Web3 social applications.

Lit Protocol: Public Key Infrastructure for a Decentralized World
Lit Protocol’s David Sneider, a presenter at the CoinDesk I.D.E.A.S. conference, wants to decentralize public key cryptography.

Decentralized Access Control Comes to Evmos with Lit Protocol
Lit Protocol makes it possible to set on-chain conditions to control who can access content while maintaining decentralization. Lit…

projects building with Lit.

Web3 Social

Orbis Club – A fully decentralized social layer that developers can use to build their own social apps.

Lens Protocol – A user-owned, open social graph.

Partiful – The most memorable parties are planned on Partiful.

HeadlineA decentralized publishing platform.

CharmverseWeb3-native all-in-one workspace.

P00lsA web3 platform for creators and brands.

GatewayVerifiable credential platform.

TempraDecentralized social platform inspired by Snapchat.

The 402Live-streaming and NFT marketplace.

MemeDAO DAO communication platform that uses Lit to support private, members-only content.

IrisA decentralized social media and subscription platform built on Lens.

DecentraScholarA platform that incentivizes collaboration among academic researchers.

MxTapeDecentralized music player.

PealDiscover and share typefaces and designs on-chain.

DFSPDecentralized, private live-streaming platform for creators.

DecensusWeb3-based survey platform.

creativegeneDecentralized social platform for buying and selling digital goods.

Muzu Content-locked music NFTs.


CaskAutomated, recurring payments.

Yacht Labs – Cross-chain interoperability with PKPs and Lit Actions

KrebitOpen identity verification protocol and marketplace for Verifiable Credentials.

Spheron – Web3 infra as-a-service.

SelfGuard – Web3-native infrastructure for encryption.

DAPAn SDK for encrypting and decrypting files with Lit Protocol.

IPFS Encrypted FilesEncrypt files on IPFS with Lit.

DECKPrivate data sharing for Web3.

Token-gated Zoom chatExample app made by Lit Protocol.

Token-gated Google DriveExample app made by Lit Protocol.

Wordpress IntegrationEnable private content on Wordpress sites with blockchain-based requirements.

NFT MinterEnable exclusive content that is only available to the owner of the NFT.

Strata ProtocolAn open-source protocol to launch tokens around a person, project, idea, or collective on Solana.

Key-RecoveryDistributed social private key recovery made by the team at Sling Protocol.

HashchatWallet-to-wallet encrypted messaging.

LitChatWallet-to-wallet encrypted messaging using Lit and Ceramic.

XMTP Chat App with token gating enabled by Lit Protocol.

NeyaWeb3-native 2FA protocol.

EtherMonitorTools for traffic incident management.

ourpassNFT event pass generator.

Decentralized Finance

Sling ProtocolAn SDK for automating DEX interactions using PKPs and Lit Actions.

TradeRepOn-chain reputation building for traders.

Violet ProtocolUltra🤝Violet, enables uncollateralized loans.


NowhereToken-gated metaverse spaces.

DataverseThe first secure personal space for everyone, allowing users to aggregate Web2 & Web3 interests and control their online digital persona in one place.

MonaBuy, mint, and sell metaverse worlds.


VaynerSportsTalent representation and brand consulting.


ShopifyBlockchain-based access control for your online store.

Heirloom DAOSubscriptions as NFTs.

Club GoodsAn e-commerce experiment at the intersection of storytelling, community tokens and physical goods.